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Steeped in our AISB ethos is an enduring sense of Community and Connection. It is in this spirit that we have heralded the reboot of the AISB Alumni program. It begins, middles and ends with you!

  • We are an inclusive and involved community of students, teachers and parents
  • We appreciate each member of our community as an individual  with unique talents and abilities 
  • Gabriella Csányi ('12)

    "AISB is great for teaching the practical things you will need later in life."

  • Mihoby Rebaharison ('97)

    "Immersed in curricula that offered an eclectic vault of information, I built a foundation for critical thought."

  • Connor Dorrell Shepherd ('15)

    "Children of AISB are, after all, nomads and travelers by nature, are we not?"

It is in this spirit that we have heralded the reboot of the AISB Alumni program. 

Our AISB Values start with Community...

We believe in the importance of community as a meaningful social connection tool to keep the positive spirit of AISB alive and thriving past graduation.

Social Connection is more than just a group of connecting apps; it defines a fundamental psychological need of humans in the wellness tapestry of our lives. We are purposefully hard-wired for connection, and our digital world makes this a breeze, if at times an overwhelming one.

Healthy Communities form the backbone of a healthy society and the cornerstone of our evolution as ultra-social beings. We believe that a pillar of everyone’s happiness and fulfilment is a connection to a healthy community. We are helping to build that for you and keep the community alive here at AISB. 

We have started to hold alumni events (Budapest, London, Boston, New York), and we hope to continue them in different locations in the world.

We need your help to drive this growth with us... however you can!

Here are some ways you can be part of our AISB Alumni Community growth:

Each year, AISB holds a variety of alumni events around the world. After putting these on hold during the pandemic, our alumni community was happy to gather again in person this year in Amsterdam and London. These events reunite old friends, help alumni make new ones, and provide personal and professional networking opportunities, keeping the Blazer spirit alive!  


The Bridge

Our Alumni Community Magazine. Enjoy the first four issues below.