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Ukrainian Crisis Support

One of the incredible strengths of the AISB community is the way our families respond to support those in need. Individuals within the AISB community have been quick to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, providing incredible support for those pushed into refugee status by the conflict. 

Our school has been working to coordinate its response to the crisis, in the hope that we can mobilize our community to make a difference in the lives of those impacted. 

We have been supporting a number of initiatives that have connections with our school community both in Ukraine and at the border and adapting to their needs with our calls for item donations, transporting logistics and monetary donations. These are;

Hungarian Red Cross, Hungarian Older of Malta, Budapest Bike Maffia, Hungarian Medical Roving Clinic, Szent Damjan Hospital, Ukrainian Catholic University, Volunteer Headquarters for the Defense of Ukraine

Our main project as a whole school has been the establishment and facilitation of a Ukrainian 'School within a School' program on our campus. We aim to grow this program while there is a need and are working on ways to partner with organisations to increase the scope of this program within Hungary and the world. Our ability to grow is matched by the funds which we can secure to ensure the teachers receive a suitable stipend, we greatly appreciate all who can give to help this worthwhile cause. You can read and watch about this more below. Our donation page is here.

School within a School

School within a School


We are supporting an Ukrainian School program for children aged 3 - 18 on our campus. The classes are taught by Ukrainian teachers from PSI Kyiv (a CEESA School) and some of our community members. We have already welcomed 100 children and parents on campus. Families interested in this or the possibility of a scholarship with AISB can complete this form.

In addition to the areas the school will concentrate its immediate efforts, there are many other organizations that currently require assistance. We have established a page on the AISB HootBoard so parents can share resources (linked here).

How you can act

How you can act

Item Donations

Border Aid Organizations


Nyugati train station - arriving refugees


Hosting Ukrainian Families (Facebook groups)

Who you can donate to

Who you can donate to


We will be updating donation lists through our Hootboard page, please check there to access the latest list of needs and photos from our deliveries. Drop-off points will continue by the entrances of Buildings A & B. We will send transport with the donations to the Border (at least) once a week on Friday.


Thank you for all of your generous donations.

We are forwarding the funds regularly to our chosen charities and adding this Medical Charity based on our up to date knowledge of current needs. 

If you wish to donate, the details are here.

Name of account holder: American International School of Budapest
Name of the bank: CIB Bank ZRt.
Address of the bank: H-1027 Budapest, Medve u. 4-14.
HUF account number: 10700024-02639602-51100005
IBAN number: HU84 1070 0024 0263 9602 5110 0005
Swift code: CIBHHUHB
Reference: UKRAINE REFUGEE RELIEF (Please ensure this is added)



Supporting Education and Understanding

Supporting Education and Understanding

Large numbers of children have been displaced in recent days, and the school is mindful of the impact this will have on their learning and well-being. AISB will work to offer three levels of support for students displaced by the current conflict.

  1. For Ukrainian and international students from CEESA schools who relocate to Budapest due to the conflict and require assistance with distance learning or exams, AISB will provide support, learning spaces, and supervision for them to continue with their program. Interested families can complete this survey.


  1. For Ukrainian and international students from CEESA schools who have temporarily relocated to Budapest due to the conflict and cannot continue with their program of study, AISB will provide tuition if the individual meets AISB's entry criteria and there is space within their respective grade level. Interested families can complete this survey.


  1. For students enrolled in the Ukrainian national school system who have relocated to Budapest, AISB will work to provide access to school facilities outside of regular operational hours to enable them to continue learning with access to high-quality facilities. Where possible, the school will work to include these students in after-school programs.


We are hopeful that this provision may go some way to alleviate the incredible stress these families are experiencing at this time.


Information Resources for processing with your children

Please share resources through our specialised page on our dedicated Hootboard page here.


If anyone is in need of support please email us at

#WeStandWithUkraine #standforpeace




Our COVID-19 Response

Our AISB Community has access to recommended information sources and school communications regarding the spread of COVID-19  through our extensive Covid-19 Information Page housed on our internal portals.

Should you have any questions or follow-up for us regarding your specific family circumstances, please send these to Thank you for helping us keep our school safe.

At this time our campus is closed to external visitors and members of the community however appointments can be arranged online. Please email us at if you have any queries, thank you.

We have provided links to recommended resources and useful contacts below if you have any COVID-19 related inquiries.

AISB learning continues

AISB learning continues

The safety and wellbeing of students, faculty, staff and personnel required to be on campus are the highest priority. We are communicating the details of our COVID-19 response regularly through email, webinars and our COVID-19 Information Page.

Useful Contacts


AISB Nurses - (ES) 0656 556079 , (MS/ HS) 0656 556031

Hungarian Advice Line - 06-80-277-455, 06-80-277-456