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Earthquake support

Our thoughts are with those affected by this terrible natural disaster, and those in our AISB community with loved ones in the areas impacted.

Monetary Donations 

  • AHBAP (trusted NGO for humanitarian aid and rescue with a good network and organization)

Bank information for donations:
You can use TransferGo with the code: “depremdestek” for transfers free of commission
Bank account for USD: 1021-2150262
IBAN: TR320006400000210212150262
Bank account for EUR: 1021-2150277
IBAN: TR150006400000210212150277

  • AKUT (biggest NGO for search and rescue in Turkey)

Bank information for donations:
(they have dollar and euro accounts on several banks)
Social media:
It is also possible to send donations through Austrian Red Cross (Österreichisches Rotes Kreuz) or Aktion Deutschland Hilft!
Austrian Red Cross :
(Online Donations possible)
Erste Bank
IBAN: AT57 2011 1400 1440 0144
Aktion Deutschland Hilft!:


Ukrainian Crisis Support

One of the incredible strengths of the AISB community is the way our families respond to support those in need. 

Our school has been working to coordinate its response to the crisis, in the hope that we can mobilize our community to make a difference in the lives of those impacted. 

We have been supporting a number of initiatives that have connections with our school community both in Ukraine and at the border and adapting to their needs with our calls for item donations, transporting logistics and monetary donations.Our main project as a whole school has been the establishment and facilitation of the 'Ukrainian Refugee School' program on our campus.

Ukrainian Refugee School

Ukrainian Refugee School


Since March 2022, we supported over 200 refugee children in a volunteer-led program aimed at continuing their education in Ukrainian and building a supportive community on our campus. We currently run an after-school program to help children maintain learning in their home language. If you wish to contact our organizers for more information, please email

Our ability to grow is matched by the funds which we can secure to ensure the teachers receive a suitable stipend, we greatly appreciate all who can give to help this worthwhile cause.

Alternatively, transfer details:

Name of account holder: Ukrainian Refugee Education Centre Foundation

HUF account is 11600006-00000001-97690679

IBAN:  HU81116000060000000197690679

EURO account: 11600006-00000001-97690703

IBAN:  HU15116000060000000197690703

USD account: 11600006-00000001-97690758

IBAN:  HU82116000060000000197690758

The Foundation Tax ID number is 19359089-1-41


On behalf of our Ukrainian friends, we are extremely grateful for all of the generous support and donations which are enabling this program to help children continue in their education. 

Thank you. ??

Supporting Education and Understanding

Supporting Education and Understanding

Large numbers of children have been displaced, and the school is mindful of the impact this has on their learning and well-being. AISB works on multiple levels of support for students displaced by the current conflict.

For students enrolled in the Ukrainian national school system who have relocated to Budapest, AISB will work to provide access to school facilities outside of regular operational hours to enable them to continue learning with access to high-quality facilities. Where possible, the school will work to include these students in after-school programs.

We are hopeful that this provision may go some way to alleviate the incredible stress these families are experiencing at this time.

We have been working together with UNHCR and UNICEF to support continuing education for refugee children in Hungary. For more information visit -

Information Resources for processing with your children

Other ways that you can act

Other ways that you can act

Item Donations


Border Aid Organizations


Nyugati train station - arriving refugees


Hosting Ukrainian Families (Facebook groups)

More charities that we support

More charities that we support