GOA Catalyst Exhibition

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We're thrilled to announce some of our student's semester 2 GOA capstone projects have been selected for the prestigious Catalyst Exhibition Showcase! Out of over 950 projects, only 53 were chosen. These student's teachers praised their impressive research and innovative problem-solving. Congratulations to all our nominated students! You can see some of their projects below!


What are factors that prevent people from programming and in what ways can programming be made more accessible to populations?


How can we develop engaging programs that spark interest in programming?


In what ways can advancements in medical research and technology contribute to reducing health disparities and enhancing health outcomes in underserved communities?


How do targeted therapy drugs selectively kill cancer cells while sparing healthy cells?


How can SPAR Hungary's sustainability initiatives serve as a model for other retail chains globally, fostering a broader culture of environmental responsibility and social consciousness within the industry?

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