Innovation Diploma

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The AISB Innovation Diploma has been designed for students who are seeking even more:

  • agency over their own learning
  • opportunities for internships and specialization
  • project-based learning experiences in order to solve real-world problems


The Innovation Diploma empowers students to solve authentic problems using concepts from multiple disciplines.  Learners are also given the opportunity to go in-depth into a specialized field of their choice to get a better idea of their purpose and possible careers they might pursue in the future.


To earn the Innovation Diploma, students take two integrated project-based courses (e.g., English, Design & The Imperfect Art of Living; Science, Art, and Innovation Studio). This enables them to see the natural interplay between different subject areas. In these courses, they also have increased autonomy over their learning to build self-regulation and contribute beyond the classroom through project-based learning. 


Students also take a series of courses connected to an area of interest that they choose. This includes an internship where they get hands-on experience in the world of work, a capstone project in Grade 12 that they design and lead, and a range of courses that connect to their specialization.





Innovation Diploma students work with their counselor and the Learning Pathways Coordinator to ensure they fulfill the following requirements (in addition to the AISB Diploma requirements): 


  Introduction to Innovation  

  1 course (0.5 credits)


  1 course (0.5 credits)

  Integrated (PBL) Courses

  2 integrated courses (2 credits)

   Specialization Courses

  3 different courses (at least 1.5 credits)  

   Capstone Project

  1 course during senior year (1 credit)




Specialization (Examples)


  Business & Finance  



  Innovation & Design



  Visual Arts 

  Language & Communication  

  Health Sciences

  Performing Arts




Innovation Diploma Resources


  • Video of the presentation to 10th Grade Students and Parents                                              (Innovation Diploma overview starts at 54:15)

  • Slides from that presentation

  • Link to AISB Pathways in our Program of Studies 

  • Link to Innovation Diploma courses in our Program of Studies