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About Global Online Academy

AISB is pleased to be among leading independent schools from around the world in offering online courses as a member of the Global Online Academy. This not-for-profit organization offers top-quality online courses that go beyond the confines of the traditional school curriculum.

Course offerings include Bioethics, Neuropsychology, Game Theory, Medical Problem Solving, Computational Thinking, and Introduction to Investments, to name just a few. All courses are taught by gifted teachers drawn from the faculties of member schools.


"We're excited about this opportunity for our students to explore passion-based courses in a highly collaborative global learning community. It's one way we're helping students to personalize their education and dive into topics they care about."

Tami Canale, AISB Director of Teaching and Learning; GOA Site Director



GOA's Mission

GOA’s mission is to reimagine learning to empower students and educators to thrive in a globally networked society. GOA offers online courses that connect students to topics they care about and offer a network that connects those students to peers as passionate as they are.

Member Schools

There are more than 120 high-performing independent schools in the consortium, representing more than 2countries and more than 30 states. All GOA courses are taught by teachers who are currently teaching at a GOA member school.

AISB is proud to among the first International Schools in Europe and the first in Hungary to have forged this partnership!


Courses and Teachers

GOA course workload and course intensity are equivalent to courses taken on our campus. Unlike many online courses, students are not passive receptors of pre-recorded lectures from their teachers. Instead, students collaborate on challenging and interesting projects with students from around the world. They are also expected to manage their workload and time effectively to support the asynchronous nature of the courses.

GOA maintains excellence through rigorous teacher training, building on the best practices and values of leading independent schools - and by ensuring classrooms stay at a small size that fosters strong teacher-student relationships and student-to-student collaboration and interaction. AISB faculty members can also become a part of the esteemed group of GOA Instructors.

With Global Online Academy, teachers and students can share their voice on a global stage, improving learning and enabling the pursuit of individual passions.


Find out more about GOA as part of the AISB Curriculum

Interested in Learning more about GOA at AISB? -  Contact our Site Director, Dr. Tami Canale


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GOA Course Offerings


Watch this short film to hear from some of the students who have taken the GOA journey.


Summer Classes 2022


GOA is offering 23 of its most popular semester classes in an intensive 7-week format. Most of these courses cover a semester's worth of material and expect a 10-12 hour per week commitment from students. For Geometry or Spanish 1, which are designed to replace yearlong high school courses, students should expect to dedicate 15-20 hours per week. We are running two summer terms in 2022.

Summer 1: Tuesday, June 14, 2022-Monday, August 1, 2022

Summer 2: Tuesday, July 5, 2022-Monday, August 22, 2022

Explore the opportunities here. Please contact our GOA site director for a discount code.