Elementary School

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In Our Elementary Program


  • We develop confident and independent readers, writers, speakers and listeners, in order for our students to understand the world better and impact it positively.

  • We develop curious inquirers who think critically and embrace change. We kindle students' wonder and empower them to pursue their own lines of inquiry.

  • We provide opportunities for students to make connections across academic disciplines. 

  • We emphasize authentic learning experiences that involve inquiry and problem solving, believing that such experiences will lead to respectful global citizenship.

  • We offer a language-rich curriculum that provides students opportunities to develop their identities as readers and writers.

  • We regularly create opportunities for students to be mathematicians, scientists, artists, and musicians.

  • Social-emotional development is emphasized and technology is integrated throughout the curriculum to support students as digital citizens.
  • The Elementary School Curriculum is standards-based and concept-driven within an inquiry framework.
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