Early Childhood

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Welcome to Early Childhood at AISB! Here we believe that every child is curious and capable, bringing their own unique interests and capabilities as learners. We foster children’s innate sense of wonder as we explore the forest and develop our connection with natural world. We offer an experience that is rich in language, self expression, and collaboration.

In Early Childhood at AISB

  • We value time for play and inquiry. Individual and small group instruction is responsive to students’ needs.
  • Students gather as a community for class discussions, meals, and in our shared pod space to connect and collaborate.
  • Each day is infused with 1-2 encore lessons including Art, Music, Library, PE (including swimming), and Hungarian Culture.
  • Nap or Quiet Time is offered for Multiage children. Mindfulness and storytelling create a pause in the day for all Early Childhood children.
  • Weekly forest walks and regular outdoor learning and play on our beautiful campus spark many of the children’s inquiries.
  • After-school activities are offered to children in MA4 and Kindergarten.
  • Weekly Big Sing: A community gathering for all EC children to join together in song and movement.

Early Childhood pathways

  • Powered by Nature
    Our classroom is the forest. As children enter the forest to listen, play, create, explore, and investigate, they develop…
    • Advanced motor skills such as agility, balance and coordination. Social skills such as empathy, cooperation and friendship.
    • Personal connection with nature, instilling a sense of care and respect for plants and animals.
    • Sensory engagement through exploration. Children experience the natural world through their 5 senses as they experience the forest through the seasons.
  • The 100 Languages
    The child is made of one hundred. The child has a hundred languages a hundred hands a hundred thoughts a hundred ways of thinking of playing, of speaking… Loris Malaguzzi
    • Our program is guided by the principals of the Reggio Emilia approach, an educational philosophy based on the image of a child as curious and capable.
    • Our teachers create relationship-driven environments that allow children to explore, collaborate and express their ideas through myriad modes and materials.
  • Our Beliefs
    Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning. Diane Ackerman
    • Care and education are inseparable. Children need time to learn through inquiry-based play in order to develop and practice skills in authentic ways.
    • Each child is unique and that instruction should therefore respond to their individual strengths, needs and interests.
    • We believe in designing developmentally appropriate learning experiences for all children.
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