Application Process

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AISB operates a year-round rolling Admissions Policy. This means, students are admitted throughout the year. The start date, can be no later than the first week of May of the joining school year. 

Applications are currently being processed for the 2023-2024 school year. We start processing applications for the 2024-2025 school year from January 2024.

Please note that demand for spaces can be high, so we advise you to complete your application as soon as you make your decision. Only complete applications can be considered.

Successful applicants for admission to AISB are registered and enrolled upon these steps:


  • Acceptance and payment of the $1000 registration fee, which is to be paid upon confirming your acceptance through the acceptance letter.

  • A copy of the Enrollment Agreement must be printed, signed and returned to our Admissions Office before the start of school.


Here are your Application steps. We wish you all the best with it. 


Applicants should complete our Online Application and attach the required forms and documents under the relevant sections.

Required Forms:
  • Medical Examination and History Form

  • Confidential Student Reference Form - Early Childhood (age 3-5)

  • Confidential Student Reference Form - Grades 1 to 5 (age 6-10)

  • Confidential Student Reference Form - Grades 6 to 12 (age 11-18)

  • Parent Questionnaire for Early Childhood (age 3-5)

  • Parent Questionnaire for Grades 1 to 5 (age 6-10)

  • EAL sheet for applications - for every student in Grade 1-5 whose first language is not English

  • Enrollment Agreement (please see buttons at the end of this page)

Documents needed:
  • Copy of original school records for the last three years, with English translation if in a language other than English

  • Copy of child’s passport

  • Copy of child’s birth certificate

  • Copy of the child’s official immunization records (in English)

  • Copy of Social Insurance Card (TAJ kártya) only for Hungarian students

  • Copy of Address Card (Lakcímkártya) only for Hungarian students

  • Special education documentation, psychologist’s opinion (in the case where these have been received by the family)

  • All standardized/group tests

 If you have questions, please call (00 36 26 556 000) or email our admissions team. We will be delighted to assist you through your application process. We are able to help you in English, Hungarian, French, German, Spanish and Czech.




Once the online application forms are completed and all forms and documents are received, the applicant’s file is submitted to the Admissions Committee for review. Only complete applications can be processed.

AISB aims to complete the review as quickly as possible.


Parents will be notified with an acceptance, waiting pool or denial letter through their Admissions Portal.

Should the decision be an acceptance, you are required to follow the steps from the acceptance letter to confirm your place through the Enrollment Portal as directed.

Payment of the non-refundable $1000 Registration Fee is required to confirm an offered place of the student at the school.

All families are required to return a signed copy of the Enrollment Agreement before starting school and return by mail (Admissions office, AISB, 2094 Nagykovácsi, Nagykovácsi út 12. Hungary). We will return a signed copy to you via your child.