Admission Policy & School Visits

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Interested students and families are warmly invited to arrange a School Visit.

In order to schedule a school tour, please first complete our inquiry form. You can find it here. When filling in the inquiry form, you may indicate if you would like to book a school visit.

Our Admissions colleagues will contact you directly to set up a time and date for your visit.

For any questions please contact

While you are at our school, please do not take photographs. We are happy to provide you with stock images of our facilities for your sharing. Thank you for your cooperation.  



In keeping with the school's Mission, Vision, and Values, candidates will be eligible for admission at AISB based on:


  • The student's potential to benefit from the educational services available

  • The capacity of the school to meet the educational needs of the student

  • The extent to which the student’s admission enables the school to maintain both diversity and appropriate strength of its English-language learning environment


Cultural diversity within an English-language learning environment is a defining characteristic of AISB. These are fundamental to our school's educational approach and goals.


Nationality Cap

To preserve the international character of our student body, no country will be represented by more than 20 percent of the student body per grade.

An exception is made to children of U.S. Embassy staff in recognition of its status as the school's founder.


English Language Requirements 

The School accepts students with no previous experience of English from Multiage 3 to Grade 6. The school requires an English Language Assessment for Grade 6 students to ensure availability within our English as an Additional Language (EAL) support.

In Grades 7 through 12, candidates must demonstrate increasing levels of language proficiency, as determined by an English Language Assessment administered at the school. 


English as an Additional Language Cap

To ensure effective support for EAL students and to protect the English-language learning environment in all classrooms, EAL admissions will be capped at a maximum of 30 percent per grade. 


Waiting Pool

The school operates a year-round rolling admissions policy based on the following limits to class sizes:

Class Size 
  Multiage (3 and 4-year-olds) 16
  Kindergarten (5-year-olds)   16
  Grades 1-5            20
  Grades 6-8               20
  Grades 9-12  20


Once a grade level has been filled, qualified applicants are placed in a waiting pool. Entry to the waiting pool requires fulfillment of all application requirements, including payment of the application fee.

Once full capacity has been reached,  two  additional seats  in each  class  will  be   available  to  students  who  meet both the school’s  standards  and  the  following  criteria:


  • Dependent  children  of  U.S.  citizens  engaged  in  carrying  out U.S.  Government   activities  in  Hungary 

  • Students  whose  siblings  have  already  been  admitted in other grade  levels at AISB    

  • Students  whose  mother  tongue  or  first  language  is  English,  in accordance  with   the  School’s  founding documents


All other eligible students will be placed in a waiting pool and admitted based on a review of their application.

Grade Level Comparisons to Other School Systems







 EC 3
 Early Years 1                     -         Kindergarten  Kindergarten  Kindergarten
 EC 4  Early Years 2 -  Kindergarten  Kindergarten  Kindergarten
 Kindergarten   Year 1  PK  Kindergarten   Kindergarten   Kindergarten
 Grade 1  Year 2  PYP 1  Grade 1 Primary 1 Primary 1
 Grade 2  Year 3  PYP 2  Grade 2 Primary 2 Primary 2
 Grade 3  Year 4  PYP 3  Grade 3 Primary 3 Primary 3
 Grade 4  Year 5  PYP 4  Grade 4 Primary 4 Primary 4
 Grade 5  Year 6  PYP 5  Grade 5 Primary 5 Primary 5
 Grade 6  Year 7  MYP 1  Grade 6 Primary 6 Primary 6
 Grade 7  Year 8  MYP 2  Grade 7 Junior High 1 Junior Secondary 1
 Grade 8  Year 9  MYP 3  Grade 8 Junior High 2 Junior Secondary 2
 Grade 9  Year 10  MYP 4  Grade 9 Junior High 3 Junior Secondary 3
 Grade 10  Year 11  MYP 5  Grade 10 Senior High 1 Senior Secondary 1
 Grade 11  Year 12  DP 1  Grade 11 Senior High 2 Senior Secondary 2
 Grade 12  Year 13  DP 2  Grade 12 Senior High 3 Senior Secondary 3


Entrance Age

Students are eligible to begin Multiage 3 if they are three (3) years old on or before September 1 of the same academic year. 

Students are eligible to begin Multiage 4 if they are four (4) years old on or before September 1 of the same academic year. 

Students are eligible to begin Kindergarten if they are five (5) years old on or before September 1 of the same academic year. 

Students are eligible to enter first grade if they are six (6) years old on or before September 1 of the same academic year. 

At the discretion of the Director, an exception to the above age eligibility requirements may be made for a student relocating from an accredited school. The admissions decision would be based on a review of the student’s school records and an entrance assessment.

Students for other grade levels are placed in grades that most nearly approach the age for the student, taking into account his or her academic history as well. 

Students who follow a January to December school year will be enrolled in the grade level last completed. In all cases, the student’s likelihood of academic success will be a key factor in the decision-making process.

Students applying for admission to the High School program must demonstrate the potential to graduate before they reach 20 years of age.


Special Needs

AISB admits students with limited learning needs, problems or disabilities within the guidelines listed in its admissions policy. As stated in the policy, students may not spend more than 30% of their time within the program.

Additional information will be required to assess whether our school can meet the academic needs of the applicant. This includes evaluations, IEPs and school referrals.