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Number of athletic teams during the current school year:
Number of athletic teams during
the current school year: 40
Number of trips taken during the current school year:
Number of trips taken during
the current school year: 53
Number of tournaments hosted in the current school year:
Number of tournaments hosted
in the current school year: 13


Athletics are an integral part of AISB student life. Most students participate in sports, both on a friendly and competitive level. 

At AISB we believe that sports provide students with excellent opportunities for learning fundamental skills.

Our athletes, the "AISB Blazers", foster school spirit and pride through the principles of

  • Fair play
  • Self-discipline 
  • Self-sacrifice 
  • Good sportsmanship
  • Loyalty to the team, the school and the AISB community

Our Athletics Program spans three seasons: fall, winter and spring.

Our sports include soccer, basketball, softball, swimming, volleyball, baseball, floorball, tennis, track & field, golf and cross-country.

Go Blazers!


Within the arts, students perform, design, and create works of art while developing their interests in theater, dance, music, and the visual arts through authentic productions and experiences. Students have opportunities to imagine and explore in a collaborative community.  

We believe that arts nurture artistic development, personal growth and self-expression through

  • Creativity

  • Expression

  • Collaboration

  • Exploration

Our arts enrichment program includes musical theater, spring plays, cabaret, art club, photography club, ISTA Theater, CEESA band and choir, and set design.

We commend your team on the community each family has access to. The programs and offerings to the parents are really unique and helpful as families acclimate to a new environment. Thank you for all the time and effort you put towards this practice.

High School Parent

After school activities

AISB offers a wide range of activities to our students. Our program aims to ensure both the physical and mental development of our students through

  • Improving fitness levels, promoting social and English skills
  • Furthering the knowledge, understanding and skills developed within the curriculum         
  • Making independent choices
  • Learning organizational, management and leadership skills

Our after school activities include: cookery, science club, choir, minecraft club, drama, origami, cheerleading, yoga, band, robotics, knowledge bowl, model united nations, digital photography, bike club, math counts, speech and debate, global issues network, kung fu, judo, self defense, student council, national honor society, and many more.

Service Learning

Service Learning integrates community service with instruction in order to create a strong community and teach social responsibility.

Each of our Service Learning projects has five steps: investigation, preparation, action, reflection, and demonstration. 

AISB Service Learning projects include

  • Activities to promote and encourage environmental stewardship
  • Charity, clothes, food and book drives
  • Hosting Special Olympics
  • Supporting animal shelters, elderly homes, homeless shelters, and schools for the educationally and physically challenged in our community
  • Supporting our Senegal partner school
  • Raising funds for the Hungarian "Make a Wish" foundation

Meals & Transportation

AISB cooperates with local, independent and private operators to provide students with optional hot lunches and door-to-door bus service. These services are recommended but not mandatory. For detailed information, please follow the links below.

  • Sargent Bus
  • Capital Bus
  • Lunch Services

Everyone here is different by origin, culture and personality. AISB connects all of us. Regardless of who you communicate with, there is always a topic to talk about.

Grade 7 Student