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Your Bridge to the World
The AISB learning experience is a continuous journey of self-development from Early Childhood to High School graduation... and life beyond.

Our curriculum is based on clearly articulated, internationally benchmarked standards. We emphasize critical thinking skills and creativity through an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning.


AISB students create, perform, analyze, and respond to music, theater, visual, and media arts, developing in-depth skills in at least one art form. We value art as an expression of human experience and encourage our students to apply their artistic knowledge and skills throughout their lifetimes.


Service Learning makes curricular connections and helps students identify genuine needs in their local community and in the larger world. Our program supports the AISB Mission by preparing our students to be responsible global citizens.

AISB offers a wide range of athletic and co-curricular activities for students to explore possibilities and improve their existing skills. We provide students with opportunities to discover new areas of interest, engage in healthy competition and pursue their passions.

AISB has an outstanding campus and facility, it is amongst the top schools in the world and students are lucky to have the opportunity to attend here.

Visiting Educational Expert
Ages 3 to 5 Early Childhood Beginning the Journey
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Ages 6 to 10 Elementary School Building Curiosity
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Ages 10 to 14 Middle School Discovering Passions
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Ages 14 to 18 High School Making a Difference
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3D map of the school
  1. Early ChildhoodBuilding A, Early Childhood
  2. Elementary SchoolBuilding A, First floor
  3. Middle SchoolBuilding B, First floor
  4. High SchoolBuilding B, Second floor
  5. Athletics CenterBuilding B
  • 1
    Early Childhood
    The Early Childhood wing is a welcoming, warm and nurturing environment where the AISB learning journey begins.
  • 2
    Elementary School
    The purpose-built Elementary School is home to students from Grades 1 through 5 and supports collaborative classroom learning in a child-centered environment.
  • 3
    Middle School
    The Middle School is an easily accessible, student-centered learning environment designed for Grades 6 through 8.
  • 4
    High School
    Our High School showcases a wide array of formal and casual learning environment options organised through curriculum- themed areas.
  • 5
    Athletics Center
    AISB has three gymnasiums, a swimming pool, two soccer pitches, two baseball fields, four tennis courts and an outside basketball area.
our accreditation

I would like to express our incredible thanks to all of your staff. We find AISB to be an amazing place of growth and opportunity for our daughter.

Middle School Parent
Number of students:
Number of
students: 918
Nationalities represented:
represented: 64
Average class size:
class size: 15
Student teacher ratio:
teacher ratio: 8:1

The American International School of Budapest prepares its students to be responsible global citizens and inspires in each a passion for knowledge and life-long learning. We are a nurturing and diverse community that instills respect for self and others, develops the whole child, and strives for academic excellence.


AISB will become a leader among the international schools of Europe, recognized for its outstanding students, dedicated faculty, excellent facilities, and rich and challenging programs for students and the community.