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We are greatly missing AISB and Budapest and feel eternally grateful that we had the opportunity to go to such a fantastic school. The impact of the experience will forever be felt by us all. We miss our AISB family dearly.

Former AISB Parent


The curriculum of the American International School of Budapest is based on clearly articulated, internationally benchmarked standards. It emphasizes critical thinking skills and creativity through an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning.

Our curriculum is developed using an Understanding by Design framework and organized around Essential Questions and Enduring Understandings.

From the Early Childhood program to the IB Diploma program, our teachers employ engaging, research-based instructional methodologies.

We provide tailored English as an Additional Language (EAL) and Learning Resource (LRC) specialists to support the differentiation of learning and allow each student to fulfill his or her academic and social potential.  

Our students develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that will enable them to take their places as leaders in the 21st Century.

Beginning the Journey

Early Childhood

Ages 3 to 5 Early Childhood
In Early Childhood, we provide a nurturing environment that encourages children's natural curiosity and interest in learning. We offer a wide spectrum of developmentally appropriate opportunities, which are tailored to each child. This marks the beginning of the AISB learning journey.
We recognize that children thrive when their social, emotional, creative, intellectual, and physical needs are met through play. Our Early Childhood is comprised of Multiage 3, Multiage 4, and Kindergarten groups. Our classrooms are stimulating and developmentally appropriate. Our program emphasizes hands-on, play-based inquiry learning that supports the development of foundational literacy and mathematical skills. At AISB, children experience a stimulating and creative environment where they can learn their English language skills through a wide range of activities. Such activities include explorations into literacy, math, science, social studies, arts and crafts, dramatic play, cooking, music, technology, and sensory play. The Multiage classroom provides a nurturing community where students can remain with the same teachers for two years. The Kindergarten classroom continues to support children's learning and builds the bridge to the First Grade of our Elementary School.

Building Curiosity

Elementary School

Ages 6 to 10 Elementary School
In Elementary School, we aim to develop well-balanced, independent, and curious students who love to learn. We provide opportunities for students to become readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, artists, musicians, and athletes. This is where we stoke the fire of learning. We strive to meet our students' individual needs as well as to develop self-confidence, respect for one another and an appreciation for diversity.
The AISB Elementary School curriculum (Grades 1-5) provides students with a supportive and an inquiry-rich learning experience. Our core curriculum (literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies) occurs within the homeroom and is enriched by art, music, drama, physical education, and library. Global citizenship is encouraged through Hungarian culture in Lower Elementary and world language in Upper Elementary. Social and emotional development also play a vital role in the learning experience. Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum to support students as responsible digital citizens.

Discovering Passions

Middle School

Ages 11 to 14 Middle School
In Middle School, we aim to develop responsibility, independence, and identity through appropriate social, emotional, and academic challenges. Respect is an integral part of our everyday lives at AISB: respect of self, others, and the environment. This environment is where we shape the committed, responsible, global citizens of tomorrow.
In Middle School (Grades 6 to 8), students take core courses in humanities, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education, and world language as well as exploratory courses in fine arts, performing arts, band, and health & wellness. Service learning and information technology are also essential parts of the Middle School experience, helping students develop their identities as global and digital citizens.

Making a Difference

High School

Ages 14 to 18 High School
In High School, we provide students with a wide array of learning opportunities in a supportive, diverse, and rigorous environment. Our students learn self-awareness and discipline as they balance academics, athletics, and service, preparing them to master academic challenges and make a difference in the world beyond AISB.
The High School curriculum (Grades 9 to 12) offers a rigorous academic program that prepares students both for further studies and their roles as global citizens. Students can take courses in English, mathematics, science, social studies, and world languages, as well as explore electives in fine arts, physical education, and technology. Creativity, Action & Service (CAS) are graduation requirements and are documented throughout High School. Technology is embedded in the 21st-century learning skills of creativity, communication, and collaboration. The International Baccalaureate Diploma is available to students in Grades 11 and 12 and is successfully completed by the great majority of our graduating seniors. The cultural diversity of our school creates opportunities for our students to view issues and ideas from multiple perspectives. Student Council, Model United Nations, CAS, after-school programs, service-learning activities all help to create a well-rounded high school experience.

International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate provides an international pre-university curriculum and an international university entrance qualification. The IB Diploma is recognized as a valid university entrance certificate by colleges and universities throughout the world.

The general objectives of the IB program are to

  • Improve and extend international education and promote international understanding through a shared academic experience

  • Facilitate geographic and cultural mobility for students in the international community

  • Work in collaboration with national educational systems to develop a rigorous, balanced and innovative international curriculum

  • IB Handbook
  • HS Course Descriptions


We are committed to an Admissions policy that enables us to accomplish our Mission and fulfill our Vision in a manner that is fair, transparent and consistent.

We understand the importance of choosing a school that suits the needs of your children and maintains high academic standards.

The aim of our Admissions team's role is to make the inquiry, admissions and transition processes as clear and pleasant as possible.

Should you be interested in joining our community, visiting our campus or simply learning about our school, please submit our Inquiry Form.  You will receive an optional login to our Admission Portal where you can start your Application process should you wish. A link to this is also here.

A member of our Admissions specialists will then be more than happy to provide prompt, friendly and relevant assistance. Our team can help you in English, Hungarian, French, German, Czech or Spanish.

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