Summer Camps

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English Learning Camp

This program is open to 9 to 14-year-olds interested in improving their English skills!



Please click here to register your 9-year old to 14-year-old child for the three-week-long English Language Language Summer Camp.


The English Language Learning Summer Camp will run from June 27 – July 15, 2022.


The individual cost is 990 USD for the entire three-week English Language Learning Summer Camp.


Our camp is traditionally a wonderful opportunity for children from AISB and other schools to enjoy our campus and facilities in the summer led by educators and counselors from various arts and sports professions, and students, including AISB alumni. 


The English Language Camp program is based on AISB’s approach to learning English. The English Language Learning Camp will help EAL students build English-language skills. Daily Activities Include: 


  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Listening

  • Speaking

  • Grammar

  • Vocabulary

  • Culture


Special Activities May Include


  • Making presentations

  • Telling stories

  • Speech and Debate

  • Drama



Further Information


The AISB English Language Camp is a three-week program. Students are required to attend all three weeks. We build skills step by step, so participation in all three weeks is critical. The English Language Camp is based on the methods we use at AISB to help our students acquire English. 


Each morning is devoted to active, dynamic English instruction. The afternoon is dedicated to using English for all communication in sports, games, and art. The schedule could also be the other way around, i.e., with instruction in the afternoon and sports, games, and activities in the morning. Activities include arts, crafts, ball games, sports, board games, swimming, outdoor games, etc.


Our teachers are multilingual and use modern approaches to teaching. These approaches enable students to learn and flourish in an English-language environment. Students speak, read, write and listen in English. Instruction is designed to enhance all of these abilities.


Students use technology to enhance their learning. Students may make presentations, engage in debates, create slideshows, and use technology to support their understanding and language.


Aftera delicious lunch we put English into action, students join in the afternoon activities of our summer camp program. Our activities are run by teachers, AISB teacher assistants, and university students or students in the last year of high school. The great majority of our staff works at AISB or have studied here. Our school has a unique spirit, which we pass on through this summer program. Participation in sports, games, swimming, and art is fun and helps develop a child’s language, social ability, and brain development.


The English Language Learning Summer Camp gives EAL students extra help to develop their academic English.  The program is also an excellent introduction to the school for EAL students new to AISB. This course also helps student to develop academic English language skills. English is the essential language for science, technology, academics, travel, and business. The AISB English Language Learning Summer Camp helps students become more assertive and confident in their English. For beginners, this camp is an exciting, fun introduction to English with lots of chances to use the language every day.


We will supply all books and materials necessary for the course. Students are required to bring a laptop or tablet. Technology is an essential component of the program.




What your child should bring:

  • A water bottle with their name on it

  • Sun Hat

  • Bathing cap

  • Swimsuit

  • Towel

  • Goggles

  • Flip-flops

  • Change of clothes

  • Brush and comb


No mobile phones or other electronic devices should be used outside of English Language Classrooms!


We encourage socializing, interacting in English, and having fun in a group. We kindly ask all parents to make sure their children know that although they are required to bring a laptop or an iPad to use in class, they will have to leave their laptop, iPad, or mobile phone in the classroom during the afternoon. 


 In line with GDPR guidelines neither photos nor videos should be taken during the Summer Camps.  


If you do have to get in touch with your child outside English Language instruction time, please feel free to call Ms. Magdi Tarnóczi at +36 26 556 009 or email the Summer Program Director, and they will relay the message to your child. Thank you for your collaboration and understanding.  


To learn more about the summer camp see this Summer Camp 2022 related document.


Here is the link to further Frequently asked questions.


We reserve the right to cancel the holding of the Summer Camp should we not obtain sufficient registrations. In that case, you shall be duly informed and refunded in full.


We look forward to helping make your child’s summer experience at our camp a wonderful one!