Our Coronavirus Response

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To support transparency and community awareness, recommended information sources and school communications regarding the spread the COVID-19  are accessible here. You can also find useful contacts and links to our AISB parent/ student/ faculty portals. This page will be updated as relevant, we hope you find it helpful. Please email us at info@aisb.hu if you have any feedback or suggestions, thank you.

Travel Procedures

Since the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, the greatest risk of the virus spreading has come from coming into contact with people who have traveled from countries where there is community transmission of COVID-19. The highest levels of infection come from having close contact with those infected. As a result, the transmission within a household is extremely likely once one person is infected.

Our school community is required to follow Hungarian Government regulations regarding travel. Borders are currently closed, only essential travel is permitted and therefore there is no current list of 'Permitted Countries'. Additionally, we require one of the following  is followed by any family member who travels:

  • Isolate for 10 days upon return to Hungary
  • Isolate for eight days and complete a single PCR test
  • Isolate upon return, complete one RT-PCR test upon arrival, and then a second RT-PCR after at least 48 hours. (Please note that not all laboratories provide the RT-PCR tests. Please see below for details of this testing option.)
  • One PCR test before departure and one upon arrival, with the process completed within five days

Please remember that you still require clearance from our Director before your children can return to school if anyone in the household has traveled. We request that RT-PCR tests are submitted to the school.

Community members and visitors to our campus are required to provide up to date information of their travel history, health status and outline any close contact with individuals who have travelled to high-risk regions, developed COVID-19 symptoms or have tested positive for COVID-19. 

Should you have any questions or follow-up for us regarding your specific family circumstances, please send these to health@aisb.hu. Thank you for helping us keep our school safe.


Testing Center

We are working closely with a recommended RT-PCR testing center which can effectively process testing related to our community. Please email your request for an appointment to  budagyongye@synmed.hu stating that you have a connection to AISB.

AISB learning continues

AISB learning continues

The safety and wellbeing of students, faculty, staff and personnel required to be on campus are the highest priority. We are communicating the details of our COVID-19 response through email.

Useful Contacts


AISB Nurses - (ES) 0656 556079 , (MS/ HS) 0656 556031

Hungarian Advice Line - 06-80-277-455, 06-80-277-456