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The AISB Green Care Program was set up to encourage and implement environmentally conscious, student-driven initiatives. Using project-based learning, our teachers challenged the students to design a variety of inspiring and practical projects, to raise awareness and spark changes that benefit the environment and the local community.

The initiatives aim to foster a green mindset. Installing blinds to shade and cool rooms and gradually exchanging old lighting for LED lights is consciously paired with making green choices, such as reducing the use of air conditioning and turning off unnecessary lights. In addition to these ongoing efforts, one major Spark the Change project has been chosen for implementation in 2020. 

We are excited to announce the AISB Green Gala Fundraising Dinner, to take place on May 8, 2020, at the Corinthia Royal Hotel.

The purpose of this event is to promote a green mindset and a culture of giving, as well as to bring corporate and private sponsorship to the project and the ongoing efforts of the Green Care Program. The Gala is set to attract over two hundred people committed to sustainability and a greener tomorrow. It promises to be an inspirational evening of presentations, surprise guests, dining, and entertainment, including live and silent auctions. 

There are many exciting ways to get involved. To find out more, watch our introductory film below.




The proposal chosen for implementation in 2020 was championed by grade 8 students Chaewon, Dongha and Lara. The question that drove them was how we can change our actions, systems or objects at school to reduce the amount of energy we consume. Their answer was a plan to install solar panels on the roof of the Elementary School building.

Generating electricity from solar energy involves no fossil fuels and therefore creates no air pollution. This clean, renewable energy reduces the carbon footprint and represents an annual saving of 8 percent. There are also additional benefits to generating the electricity on site, rather than bringing it from an outside source. Completing this project is a win for the school, a win for the environment, and a win for all our students, who have the opportunity to take a green initiative from concept, to fundraising, to implementation.

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