Nature-based Learning

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The natural environment provides our youngest students with a variety of opportunities to develop important life skills as well as providing space for children to find peace and calm.


At AISB we are incredibly lucky to have beautiful outdoor spaces to enjoy each day. Here are some of the many ways our Elementary School students have been taking their learning outside in recent weeks. 


Trying something new can feel scary at first, but it can also be very rewarding as we grow and learn about ourselves. This was the lesson learned by our Grade 1 students, who took turns climbing a tree on our grounds. This was a significant learning experience for the children as they climbed the tree higher and encouraged each other to be brave, afterward expressing how happy they were!


Forest walks are opportunities for integration and authentic learning, too. The third graders ventured to the creek near the school to explore some scientific concepts. They made observations and hypothesized about why some of the streams were frozen while other parts were not. They also looked for evidence to help them determine the thickness of the ice.