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Our Board of Trustees Notice to our Community

We are delighted to announce that the Board of Trustees extended an offer to Brett Penny, which he has accepted.

For those who didn’t get the opportunity to meet Brett, he is currently the Head of School at NIST International School in Bangkok, Thailand, one of the leading international schools in Asia with more than 1500 students. Since leaving New Zealand in 2000, Brett has spent 11 years at NIST and 8 years at the Inter-Community School Zurich in a variety of roles in each school. Brett is a forward-thinking leader and clearly articulates his strong vision on innovation in education. As well as a focus on academic excellence, he believes in teaching children the skills they’ll need for the future, including developing entrepreneurial know-how.

Brett will move to Budapest with his wife Debbie and children Liam and Hannah (ages 13 and 9, respectively). More on Brett can be found at

Many thanks to all the parents, faculty, staff, students and others who took the time to meet the four finalists during their visits to the school and provide feedback to the Search Committee. All the finalists had incredible things to say about both AISB and our School community. 

We’d like to extend special thanks to Paul Slocombe, who has been extremely thoughtful and supportive throughout the search process, and to Paul’s assistant Gabi Pitz, on whose organizational skills the Search Committee relied throughout the process.

Best regards,

Lorant Varga                  Rob Irving
Board Chair                    Search Committee Chair


Dear AISB Community,

After more than five years at AISB, Paul Slocombe recently notified the Board of Trustees that he will be leaving at the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

Paul has been an outstanding Director for the school, taking over in 2013 in the aftermath of an economic downturn in Hungary and a certain loss of direction for the school. His calm professionalism, friendliness and experience ensured that, in the last five years, AISB has become the foremost international schools in Budapest.

Paul feels that his mission at AISB has been accomplished, and that in another year’s time it will be the turn for someone else to lead the school in meeting the challenges of modern education. Paul’s early notice to the Board of Trustees permits us to conduct a comprehensive search for his successor and subsequently have an appropriate transition period.

Paul’s great strength as a leader of AISB was to recognize that he had inherited an amazing faculty and staff with world-class facilities. Paul’s achievement has been to develop the Senior Leadership Team, draw out the strengths of AISB’s educators and win a great sense of loyalty from the local staff. With minimum disruption, Paul initiated significant improvements to the school’s already superb infrastructure.

Paul implemented a new professional evaluation system for teachers, changing the structure of the Senior Leadership Team to focus on teaching and learning, ultimately increasing IB scores. He has given AISB a world-wide reputation, making it one of the most sought-after schools in the world for teacher recruitment.

As importantly, Paul recognized the importance of unlocking the potential of each child. He has overseen the development of data-driven assessments that focus on each learner’s particular needs. This 21st-century approach to education is no small part of a learning experience that inspires each student in AISB to be fulfilled, enjoy studying, and be happy during his or her time at the school.

Paul also introduced best practice with respect to the Board Governance structure, ensuring re-accreditation for AISB and helping to develop a strategic-minded approach to decision-making by the Board to the extent that enrolment is at its highest ever in the school’s history and the school’s finances are strong.

The results speak for themselves: the internal culture of the school is in great shape, community surveys are overwhelmingly positive and I believe we all owe Paul a huge depth of gratitude for bringing out the best in everyone.

The time schedule for Paul’s departure gives the school due time to conduct a comprehensive search process to identify a successor. As a Board of Trustees, we undertake to carry out our responsibility to find Paul’s successor, through a selection committee that will manage a search process involving representatives of the whole community. We have commenced preparatory steps and anticipate that, due to what Paul has built, we will be able to attract very attractive candidates.

Thank you, Paul, for being a great partner to the Board and an inspiration for the entire community. We are delighted that you will be here for another academic year to ensure a smooth passing of the baton.

All the best for the future!

Director Search Timeline

This can serve as a guide, though it is important to remember that the process, while in good time and well underway, is fluid and the timeline may change.

November 2018

Mr. Paul Slocombe, Current Director informed the Board and school community notice of his resignation effective June 2020.

December 2018

Board created Director Search Committee. Carney Sandoe & Associates selected as Search Consultants by the Search Committee.

January 2019

John Chandler and David Chojnacki from Carney Sandoe visited AISB to meet with as many constituents as possible to learn about our school and our vision of its needs for its next Director. The results of those conversations helped them to develop a full position description that informed potential candidates about AISB as well as the desired profile of our next Director.

Carney Sandoe & Associates sent out first brief information regarding the Vacancy to the global community with an overwhelming response.

February 2019

Completion of detailed candidate profile. Formal promotion of position at Search Fairs and via their website.

February - March 2019  

Screening, interview and selection process by Carney Sandoe team resulting in the presentation of shortlisted candidates to the Search Committee. Search Committee will then select and interview Semi-finalist candidates.

April - May 2019

Final review of profiles Search Committee and selection of finalist candidates to visit AISB.

June 2019

Appointment and presentation of new Director for AISB commencing July 2020.


Q: Who is leading the Search process?

A. The Board of Trustees of AISB is responsible for hiring the our new Director. To manage the process, the Board has appointed a Search Committee comprised of Dani Illing, Lenka Jarolímová, Nick Kabcenell, Lórant Varga, Richard Brasher and chaired by Rob Irving.


Q. Who is supporting the Search?

A. In December, the committee received proposals from four search companies and selected three of them for extensive interviews regarding their proposals. The outcome is that Carney Sandoe and Associates have been selected as the firm to run the search. The consultants will be Art Charles, John Chandler and David Chojnacki.


Q. Is the whole School Community involved in the Search?

A. We would like the Search process to be as inclusive as possible. The Chair of the Committee has written that “the thoughtful and constructive input of the community will greatly help the Committee in identifying the best possible candidates. “. There have been and will continue to be various opportunities to participate and share individual view points on this process.


Q. How can the community learn of updates to this process?

A. The Search Committee will continue to keep our AISB community advised of the process.


Q. How can I contact the Search Committee or consultants?

A. The Search Committee can be reached through:

- Rob Irving:

  Our Search Consultants can be reached directly:

- John Chandler:

- David Chojnacki:

- Art Charles:


Q. How can I nominate/ recommend a candidate for the position?

A. You can send an email to one of the Search contacts named above.


Q. Where is Mr Slocombe going to serve next and how can we find out?

A. We will keep the school community informed of Mr Slocombe’s next steps when they are confirmed.


Q. When will the new Director start?

A. While we aim to appoint a new Director by June 2019, the new position will commence in July 2020. This gives the new appointee an optimal time of one academic year to liaise closely with our school, Board and Mr Slocombe to enable a smooth start.




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